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I have always had a passion for technology with a particular interest in web applications and UX. I love to learn new things and keep myself up to date with the ever changing world of development, often building small hobby projects to have a chance to try out something different. In my spare time I enjoy gaming and creative hobbies such as drawing, painting, digital artwork and graphics design. I did freelance work for 3 years building website for clients whilst attending Gateshead College.


Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, the Razor View Engine and jQuery; with an understanding of responsive design and usability. I am able to use and adapt any front end framework including Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton. I have used many open source CMS systems (usually PHP based) such as TextPattern, Wordpress and Opencart. I am comfortable working in the .NET stack using VB MVC with some experience of C# and WebForms. I have basic knowledge of Angular, SQL, mySQL and PHP.


True Potential – Front End Developer (March 2016 – Present)

My main day to day responsibilities include developing razor views and UI functionality for new products and features, working closely with a designer and other members of the team. There is the occasional need to work on legacy projects and I understand the limitations and considerations of doing so.

Notable Projects

Content Delivery Network

I built, maintain and document the company's CDN which contains common style, markup, jQuery, MVC helpers, fonts, images and any third party libraries and plug-ins we make use of. The use of a centralised CDN and bespoke front end framework allow all our products to have a consistent look and feel with components split out into reusable modules; which benefits both front end users and the developers who work with it.

TP Front Office

I joined a team of 5 developers and 1 designer in creating a website intended for use by independent financial advisers to manage their clients and their investments. We opted to use AngularJS across the entire project, as well as utilising the newly built common components held in the CDN. This was my first look at Angular and I enjoyed the “learn as you go” approach, I would be interested in learning more.


TPInvestor is a large, multi-themed web application used by consumers and advised consumers to manage their investments. Myself and another front end developer were tasked with rewriting the entire front end to bring it in line with the standards set in place by the new CDN and style guide. Sections of the app had been developed by a few different designers and developers over the years and lacked consistency. After the conversion the newly developed styles contained 14,000 fewer lines of CSS and a considerable reduction in markup used across the project. In addition, the app was previously restricted to larger screens, and is now fully responsive.

Recently a new section of the app was developed and alongside building views I was involved in the business logic, using VB.NET MVC; utilising calls provided by back end developers from our “service layer” (a WCF service that all of our products interact with) which in turn runs stored procedures on our SQL Server databases to update/retrieve data. I enjoyed working as more of a full stack developer on this project.


Azure Cloud Training

I've recently completed a course on developing Microsoft Azure solutions, which prepares students for the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam. This was a 4 day course exploring all aspects of cloud development; the different tools on offer and how to re-think your programming paradigms to better suit the cloud environment. I will be seeking to learn more about the cloud in my spare time.

Gateshead College (2012 – 2015)

I first enrolled onto a 2 year BTEC software development course and was given the opportunity to move up to a HND course after completing the first year; I achieved Distinction *. The course mostly involved exploring the different aspects of developing using the .NET stack. With projects including a WebForms E-Commerce website for HandPicked in Gateshead Metro Center and a native windows equipment auditing application for Beamish Wild. Alongside other broader subjects such as graphics design, project management, hardware maintenance and networking.